We assign each client a single host and specific ports to use and they connect their backend programs or software to our server and the backend IPs addresses are automatically rotated every few seconds to few minutes in a random manner. To use the automatic IP proxy, just connect to the Gateway IP on the designated ports and you are done!. You don't need to configure anything else. IPs will rotate automatically and you will get new IPs between every few connection or hit with thousands of IPs. The gateway IP and port stays the same in your settings but the actual IP will change every connection or hit; so there is no need to switch from one proxy to another manually.

If you are using a proxy client or program that supports multiple proxies, you can use all the gateway ports at the same time.

Important Notice: SPAM and abuse of these proxies is not tolerated

How to configure the or Socks 5 Proxy Gateway IP and the designated Port:

Step 1: Enter the gateway IP you received when you signed up as the proxy IP. Note that this is the Gateway IP and this IP must be used always. It does not change..

Step 2: Choose the Proxy type as: or SOCKS 5 depending on the protocol you are interested in. Your IP will be required to authenticate to the proxy server gateway IP.

Step 3: Enter the proxy port for the region that you interested in. Both the Socks 5 and protocol can be used at the same time. For best results, we recommend you try each protocol seperately and then together to know which one works best for you. Always use the Socks 5 port if possible instead of the port

To learn more, please download our setup guide in PDF format here.

Need help with setup or have any questions, please submit a ticket.

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