Terms of Service and Refund Policy

Terms of Service and Refund Policy

It is strongly forbidden to spam or perform any illegal activity using our IP rotation service

We do not tolerate the use of our services for any illegal activities. By subscribing for our services, you agree that you will respect our AUP.

Accounts are not automatically activated after a succesful payment is completed. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive email regarding your order. If you do not receive the activation email after 1 hour, please contact us via email.

By subscribing for the service, you expressly agree that you will respect our policy and that you have read and agreed to our policies and terms of service.

All service cancellation/refund request must be made within 24 hours after service activation. To request for a cancellation or refund, contact us via in your email. Note that to qualify for our 24 hours money back guarantee, you must not consume more than 500MB of traffic. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this policy, please contact us

Although we do not limit or throttle your connections or threads, a fair use policy applies. You are not allowed to abuse the service by using excessively high connections or threads. A max thread of 20-25 is recommended.

Comments and Questions

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy, you may contact us by email by clicking on the link below


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