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Rotating Private Gateway Server

Do you have your own proxy sources or vendors that supports IP-based authentication method? Then our private backconnect gateway server could be the best solution for you.

Our private rotating or backconnect proxy gateway server allows you to have a private/dedicated proxy pool that is only accessible to you and your customers/clients. All that is required from you is a URL or FTP access to your private proxies lists and how often you want the proxies pooled into the gateway pool.

On your private gateway server, you have unlimited connections and bandwidth and there are no connection limits. Simply connect to the gateway server ports on the gateway server which then, in turn, routes your connection via multiple proxy servers in order to ensure you avoid bans and get your program running smoothly.

Note that you must have your own proxy lists sources accessible over URL or FTP in order to use this private gateway service. You will also receive access to a admin control panel where you will be able to authorize unlimited number of connecting source IPs.

Our dedicated/private backconnect gateway server is fully compatible with any program or app that can make use of HTTP/HTTPS or Socks 5 protocol:

Web Data Extraction/Web Scraping

SEO Tools

Digital and content marketing

Web Content Aggregation

This private or dedicated backconnect gateway service is provided as a automatic rotating/dynamic gateway server. This means that you simply connect to a central/gateway server IP and single port and the gateway then automatically routes all your connection in a rotating interval. This helps to avoid bans and blocks. You are allowed to add unlimited proxies , authenticated IPs and unlimited connections/bandwidth. However, you cannot specify the proxy switch duration or rotation duration.

Easy and affordable private rotating proxy gateway

100% privacy guaranteed. It is safe, secure and reliable

Uses a single gateway and port system for optimum performance

Compatible with any program or app that is compatible with HTTP/HTTPS or Socks

Ability to add unlimited number of proxies to your private pool

Powerful gateway servers with dual CPU and high memory (RAM) for optimum performance and speed

Random rotation to minimize bans or blocks

Unlimited connections and bandwidth allowed

The most affordable and powerful rotating proxy gateway

24/7 support and live chat support

24/7 constant monitoring to detect blacklists

True unlimited monthly usage without no restrictions.

Cancel anytime

By using our SMTP Socks 5 gateway server, you agree to use only for legal purposes and in compliance with all applicable anti-spam laws/privacy laws in your jurisdiction: Violation of this AUP will result to immediate server termination.

The sending or transmission of emails/campaigns containing the following content are strictly forbidden:

Malware and phishing

Child pornography or erotica

Contents violating anti-spam laws or deceptive emails


Copyright Infringement

Email bombing or DDOS

Emails/campaigns lacking real physical address and unsubscribe links/unsubscribe emails

Pyramid Schemes

Ransomware and exploits

Hate and racism

Bestiality and incest

Hacking and cracking

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